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Minimum Wage Increase Would Kill Jobs and Hurt Kentucky Small Business

Kentucky lawmakers are considering HB 1, a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour over a three year period. Proponents of the measure cling to the myth that minimum wage increases are a way to address poverty.The sad truth is that a minimum wage increase fails miserably as an anti-poverty policy. In fact, increases in the minimum wage reduce jobs and job opportunities especially for young, minority and low-skilled workers.

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Kentucky Retail Sector Remains Somber
KRF issues responses from fall membership survey
The mood of Kentucky’s independent retailers regarding the financial condition of their businesses continues to be somber. According to the Kentucky Retail Federation’s latest fall economic survey results, nearly 72 percent of respondents believe their businesses are in either the same or worse financial shape than at the same time in 2012. Only 24 percent responded that their business was in better shape financially.  

“Going into this year’s holiday shopping season with many retailers cautious about the long term profitability and viability of their businesses is concerning to say the least,” said Tod Griffin, President of the Kentucky Retail Federation. “We’re still not seeing much movement in the economy that would indicate a full recovery in the independent retail sector anytime soon.”

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