Shop Our Town™ Visits Bowling Green


Retail is an important part of the local economy in Bowling Green, Kentucky. There are more than 10,000 people employed by the retail industry and an annual retail payroll in excess of $200 million in Warren County.

“Bowling Green serves as a shopping hub for upwards of 20 nearby counties with the community’s more than 760 retail establishments,” said Warren County Judge-Executive Mike Buchanon.

While visiting Bowling Green, Shop Our Town™ interviewed retailers Mellow Matt’s Music and More, Trent Bedding and Nat’s Outdoor Sports.

“There are so many retail settings that are going away from having a storefront and all that does is take away from the community. We give back to schools, sponsor events, but it’s also just an experience where you come in and you see your neighbor or you come back to see us, friends,” Lisa Martens, owner of Nat’s Outdoor Sports explained. “We have a big reunion come Christmas when people come back home and they’ll stop in and visit. We have a saying that ‘It’s not Christmas until you come to Nat’s!’”

It comes at no surprise that a booming and friendly town like Bowling Green is exceeding growth by greater than the state and national averages.

“Brick-and-mortar retail is important to this community because we want people to live here,” Buchanon said. “We want people to feel a part of the community.”

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Mellow Matt's
Sarah Rowlette