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For 20 years, by retailers, for retailers.

The Kentucky Retail Federation Self Insurers Fund was created by retailers for retailers. For over 20 years, members have worked together to keep costs down making this a competitvely-priced option for retailers. Nearly 78% of members participate in the workers’ compensation fund.

Health Insurance

Group plans with unique pricing.

Explore the possibility of an association group health plan and receive benefits tailored to your needs. Options include: health, dental, vision, life, disability, accident, special risk, and supplemental health.

Credit Card Processing

No contract, no hidden fees.

Retailers Processing Network offers KRF members exclusive credit card processing with no hidden fees or contracts. EMV compliant hardware and software needed for accepting credit cards, as well as WIC and EBT, are also available.

Discounted Shipping

Preferred shipping rates.

KRF members have saved thousands of dollars using PartnerShip’s preferred pricing on in-bound and out-bound shipments. Work with PartnerShip®to discover your savings. PartnerShip® will also audit your bills of lading to ensure your business isn’t overpaying for shipping products from vendors.

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Take control of your phone and internet expenses.

Take control of your phone and internet expenses. Telecom Decision Makers will review your telecommunications bills at no cost to you.  With over 50 vendors and carrier agreements, TDM remains an informed resource who understands all potential providers. When issues arise with your carrier, TDM acts as your agent to find solutions.

Property & Casualty

Potential to Earn Dividends

Take advantage of KRF's unique property and casualty program. Eligible members can receive competitive premiums and the potential to earn dividends of up to 12 percent.


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